SMT Digital Twin
Smart Manufacturing


Our goal is to provide a novel solution which acts as a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart to our manufacturing ecosystem.​ Large scale and fast paced SMT production requires simplified and transparent insight into big data, enabling meaningful real time decisions. ​ Providing an intuitive user experience, massive data orchestration, and gamification we drive our teams to meet management defined goals. Using Foxconn Cloud Computing we digest terabytes of data collected from over 100 machines into a user-friendly experience the whole team can participate in.​ By monitoring electrical consumption, air quality, and critical infrastructure we are aware of our ecological impact and work to make meaningful change to continuously reduce our carbon footprint.


Accurate FPY Information

Realtime FPY calculation and display

Data Visibility

Realtime Monitoring and display of production

Machine Performance

Realtime machine status and statistics

Auto Reporting

One-click auto reporting on realtime data


Supports 5G services and CBRS spectrum to deliver ultra low latency and high density connectivity

Sirius Fly X supports 5G Sub6G/mmWave to enable IoT capabilities in factory, office, home office (SOHO) and artificial intelligence.

Managing and developing enterprise applications for cloud computing is becoming an increasing requirement for companies looking to make more data-driven decisions