Medical AI
Smart Health


Our Medical AI solution expands the current boundaries of modern healthcare systems. By utilizing the speed and accuracy of Artificial Intelligence frameworks, doctors can use an intuitive system to make quick and accurate decisions, which are further reinforced when integrating our EDGE to Cloud framework. Through this computing infrastructure, our Medical AI enables end-users to continuously increase their AI performance while providing users complete control of their data and AI models via an on-site EDGE device.


PACS Integration

Easily integrable with your current hospital information system


All the compute power of a cloud with none of the privacy concerns

AI-Assisted Diagnosis

Quick and accurate assistance to help doctors help more people


Effortless retraining of AI models through feedback from our intuitive Hai Label system

AI Training & Auto ML

Find and easily design AI models to get projects started quickly

AI Model Management

AI Model Management

Access, create, edit, and upload through our model management service


Managing and developing enterprise applications for cloud computing is becoming an increasing requirement for companies looking to make more data-driven decisions


Provides high-speed CPU/GPU resources, an incredibly-quick InfiniBand Network, and Lustre shared storage with high capacity for any application.