Enterprise Network


Industrial Private Cellular Network (IPCN) is vital in enabling Industry 4.0 by connecting people, machines, and data with cabled Ethernet and passive optical LAN. Leveraging the latest 5G/LTE technologies, IPCN provides a flexible, cost-effective, and reliable enterprise network solution to drive digital transformation across industries. Fii’s IPCN solution supports enterprises in controlling data ownership and local processing with build-in security mechanisms, including private SIM, bi-directional authentication, and signaling encryption. The plug-and-play solution is easy and flexible to deploy where connectivity is required and comes with Fii Network Management System (FnMS), a centralized radio network management system with automatic configuration capabilities.


Wide Coverage

Single small cell covers up to 100,000 sqft

Anti Interference

Self-optimizing transmission parameter which can solve same frequency interference and ensure the quality of terminal transmission

Plug and Play

Plug and play easy installation for terminal equipment

High Capacity

Supports up to 64 devices online per station

High Mobility

Supports AGV and drone movement without dropping data


USIM authentication, encrypted data, and two-way data authorization


Small cell radios support 4G and 5G services, ideal and cost-effective solution to enhance existing networks and boost hotspot capacity.

This eCPRI-based small cell radio connects to any ORAN compliant DU/CU enabling 5G services.

This data unit provides high speeds, bandwidth, network performance, quality, and reliability to enable IoT capabilities.

5G nr outdoor data unit odu

Supports 5G FR1 Sub6G for Wan and 2.5 Gbps ultra high speed Ethernet for local access network. 3GPP 15 release compliant.

FnMS delivers comprehensive reporting, analytics, and management capabilities to optimize 5G network performance.

Fii 5G core stand alone

Robust 5G Core, supporting network slicing for mission-critical IoT applications and user experience on a mobile, fast, and secure network.