EV Charging
Smart City


Electric Vehicle (EV) is a growing reality. Edison Electric Institute estimated that there will be 18 million EVs on America's roads by 2030. Whether you are considering EV charging infrastructure for apartments, retail stores, or businesses, Fii stands ready to meet your needs. Early adoption will get your business ahead of the innovation curve and save you money in the long run. Fii offers comprehensive EV charging solutions to energize the smart lifestyles of tomorrow, leveraging our in-house technical capabilities in 5G, IoT, Surveillance, and Cloud Computing.


Aesthetics and Durability

Tailored models available to meet specific needs

Easy to Use

Phone app to find, reserve, pay and control lifestyle features

Head-turning LED Displays

Large kiosk for hosting sponsored content

Comprehensive Customer Support

From maintenance to operations management​


FC30WD includes two head-turning LED displays for content hosting and additional interaction with customers.

Two DC chargers that fast charge two vehicles simultaneously with built-in Wi-Fi 6 hotspot.

Compact and durable. The AC7 is ideal for residential/hotel overnight parking.

With 180kW output power, the FC-180 enables customers to quickly charge and resume driving. Ideal for highway stops, rest areas, and EV charging stations.

DC 30kW charger in a simple form for fast installation. Ideal for shopping centers, commercial, and fleets.

Designed specifically for the North American market, the AC11 is the ideal charging solution for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging. The AC11 delivers big power in a small form

4 simultaneous DC charging up to 360kW allowing your fleets back on tasks.​ Ideal for bus stations, fleets, and highway stops.