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CBRS, Citizen Broadband Radio Service is a band of the radio-frequency spectrum from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has designated for sharing among three tiers of users: incumbent users, priority licensees (PAL), and generally authorized (GAA). Traditional carriers use it to extend the coverage and capacity of their existing 4G LTE and 5G networks. Cable and other multiple system operators and assorted managed services providers look to offer wireless services with licensed spectrum. Private enterprises also leverage the spectrum to set up their exclusive 4G and 5G networks with which they could connect their IoT devices, including factory robots, as part of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation strategy. Fii CBRS private network can be deployed anywhere, including areas beyond the reach of public mobile network operators, while keeping sensitive data on-premise. The solution leverages LTE and 5G technologies for low latency without interference from the often-congested public wireless spectrum. Fii CBRS private network solution enables enterprise organizations to customize their networks for mission-critical applications.


Plug and Play

Plug and play easy installation for terminal equipment

Wide Coverage

Single small cell covers up to 100,000 sqft


Self-optimizing transmission parameter which can solve same frequency interference and ensure the quality of terminal transmission

High Mobility

Supports AGV and drone movement without dropping data

High Capacity

Supports up to 64 devices online per station


USIM authentication, encrypted data, and two-way data authorization


Supports 5G services and CBRS spectrum to deliver ultra low latency and high density connectivity

Designed for outdoor and lasting durability, this small cell radio boosts network capacity and increase coverage.

This data unit provides high speeds, bandwidth, network performance, quality, and reliability to enable IoT capabilities.

Sirius Fly X supports 5G Sub6G/mmWave to enable IoT capabilities in factory, office, home office (SOHO) and artificial intelligence.

Certified with WiFi6, 802.11ax 2.4G/5G dual bands and equipped with SDX62 5G and IPQ5018 module,​ this indoor routers deliver high speed, quality, reliability networking experience.

Certified with m.2- 5G module, WiFi6, 802.11ax 2.4G/5G dual bands, the indoor routers deliver high speed, quality, reliability networking experience.

FnMS delivers comprehensive reporting, analytics, and management capabilities to optimize 5G network performance.

Fii 5G core stand alone

Robust 5G Core, supporting network slicing for mission-critical IoT applications and user experience on a mobile, fast, and secure network.