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Wireless IP Camera Dome Type PoE for 4G CBRS Band
Fii CBRS wireless IP Camera comes with CBRS connection capability supporting LTE band48. It extends the application from traditional home surveillance to industrial fields. The camera is with 8MP sensor, 4K video stream and can output with H.265 format and lowest bitrate or with MJPEG format and highest quality. With Nyxel image sensor and noise reduction technologies, camera can reach good low light performance and good image quality. With CBRS connection, camera can output video stream to cloud and with lowest compression rate for outstanding image quality.

Rugged and Reliable

Built for the outdoors, with an IP67 rating, it can safely operate in temperatures ranging from -40º to 55º C

Simple Setup

Complete setup in three simple steps- insert the SIM card, connect it to a computer, and establish the target NVR.

Advanced Technology

Based on 3GPP Release12 standard implementation of LTE specifications, Fii wireless IP camera meets requirements of large service providers and supports up to 2×2 MIMO DL and 1×1 SISO UL, 64QAM uplink and downlink modulation.

4k video streaming

Quality Streaming

Support high resolution 4K video streaming for optimal image quality.

Product Specifications
specifications Titlespecifications Description
Radio Frequency LTE Band 48
Environmental IP 67 Weather Rating
Camera Lens TTL 27.8mm / F 1.8
Support Protocol TCP/IP, NTP, RTSP, DHCPC ONVIF Profile S
Video Compression H.264/H.265
Product Featured in Solution

Protecting employees and ensuring asset safety – Surveillance system to monitor any suspicious activities and reduce blind spots increase safety.

Make the workplace and facility safety – Surveillance cameras can be installed near dangerous machinery to monitor automated processes safely or have intrusion detection to monitor the access permission to protect employees from harm and keep the aisle safe. Protect critical assets – surveillance system will help to identify the thief.