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Outdoor Wi-Fi 6E 4+4 Dual-band Access Point and Bridge
Fii wireless access point offers high coverage, stable and fast networking performance with WiFi 6 certified devices. This device features a dual-radio 11ax WiFi smart access point, MU-MIMO capable for simultaneous streaming of data to multiple devices, and the orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) allows for high density of users. The access point supports quick and easy setup without an app or browser, and band steering between 5GHz/6GHz. It comes with app control and status monitoring functions with a dynamic QoS interface.
User Experience UX

Optimized User Experience

Fii wireless access points support and allow for a high density of users streaming data on multiple devices simultaneously.

Easy Deployment

The plug-and-play access points are ideal solutions to network solution to boost network connectivity in various use scenarios and allow easy set up without a browser.

Flexible and mobile network connection

Enhanced Flexibility

The wireless access points brings flexibility to in range of coverage, user accounts, and continuous connectivity to meet the business needs.

WiFi 6 Certified

WiFi 6 Certified

Powerful, capable, fast, efficient and high performing networking device based on the industry IEEE 802.11ax standard.

Product Specifications
specifications Titlespecifications Description
Industry Standard IEEE802.11
MIMO 4x4
Throughput Dual-band 7.8 Gpbs
Function WiFi 6E Access Point and Bridge
Connectivity Multi-gig/10G Base-T Ethernet: WAN x 1
Modulation 1024QAM
Product Featured in Solution

Our tri-band outdoor WiFi routers support WiFi 6 and Google Orion WiFi. It supports 2X2 MIMO and has a throughput of 1.2 Gbps.