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Model AC7
Designed specifically for the North American market, the AC7 is the ideal charging solution for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging. The AC7 provides a more accessible, intelligent, and reliable EV charging experience.

EV Charger

Output Power: 7.7kW AC charger


SAEJ1772, IEC Type 1

Protection Standards

IP55 rated indoor/outdoor ​



Cable Length

13’ cable length (23’ optional)

Product Specifications
specifications Titlespecifications Description
AC Input 200~240Vac/Single phase
User Interface & Control RFID: (ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO/IEC 15693, FeliCa™, Mifare)
Communication LAN/4G/Wi-Fi
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ 50°C / -22 °F ~ +122 °F
Protection UVP, OVP, Surge protection, Ground fault
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EV is a growing reality. Whether you are considering EV charging infrastructure for apartments, retail stores or businesses, Fii stands ready to meet your needs.