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Never worry about your computational framework and requirements again. HPC provides access to high-speed CPU/GPU resources, an incredibly-quick InfiniBand Network, and Lustre shared storage with enough capacity for any application. You can construct multi-node clusters to provide powerful and scalable computing resources for decentralized, parallel computing with ease. HPC hosts ideal environments for intensive computing tasks such as machine learning, molecular modeling, climate research, and aerospace simulation design without a second thought.

Dedicated Computing Resources

While sharing is caring, we believe using your computational resources should be yours. With reserved virtual and physical high-speed CPU/GPU options, never feel like lower priority when creating your application.

Virtual Cluster

Easily build and scale your virtual HPC cluster with Fii USA HPC

High Speed Interconnect

High-speed InfiniBand network, interconnected by NV-Link

Big Memory

Massive memory resources to meet any range of application requirements

Product Specifications
specifications Titlespecifications Description
User Interface VM Management Interface, Security Settings, Console Access
Block Storage SSD-Based Block Storage
Cloud Object Storage Compatible with S3 protocol, fitted with several layers of Data Redundancy, Web Scale Object Storage, Usage based billing
Lustre Data Storage File Level Redundant, High Throughput, Low Latency, Shared Drive
Efficient Processing & Acceleration Services are supported by Intel and AMD CPU's and NVIDIA GPU's.
Parallel Computing CPU/GPU Environment A platform based on OpenStack means easily integratable foundation with tools to accelerate workloads from Slurm, Docker, Kubernetes etc.
High Speed Networking Support InfiniBand backbone (up to 100Gb/s), Fat Tree Topology, Torus Interconnected
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