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Foxconn eNodeB Management System
Fii offers a compact, cost-effective, and fully integrated core, ePC integrated with Foxconn eNodeB management system (FeMS). The robust core facilitates data exchange, signaling, and flow critical to delivering customized and versatile IoT applications and personalized end-user experience on a mobile, fast, secure network infrastructure. Organizations can harness the values that the network delivers- enhanced network capability, streamlined network operation, and better quality of experience with ultra-low latency and high throughput.
Fii CBRS wide connectivity coverage.

Anti Interference

Fii Core ensures optimized network performance with out-of-box anti-interference management to mitigate and minimize remote interference.

Easy Deployment

Fii Core supports both non-standalone and standalone deployments to support and satisfy unique business networking needs and a cost effective solution.

Exceptional Security

Fii Core implements secure authentication algorithm in compliance with 3GPP industry standards.

High Efficiency

Fii Core offers intuitive user management interface and system to provide comprehensive system monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Product Specifications
specifications Titlespecifications Description
Industry Compliance TR-069/ TR-191 issue 2/ TR-181/ TR262
Configuration Zero touch provisioning
User Interface HTTP Web Interface
Reporting HeNB and subscriber status monitoring/ PM KPI collection and daily KPI analysis
System Management HTTP/HTTPS manual and automatic firmware upgrade and fault management
Integration Integrated CBRS domain proxy management
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