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5G O-RU Stand Alone Low-Power Indoor Small Cell
This indoor dual mode small cell supporting 5G Sub-6 and 4G LTE technologies. It also supports 5G NSA technology, the control flow goes through by 4G LTE and service flow by 5G network. Operator can build 5G service easily and smoothly. Fii’s 5G+4G Small Cell portfolio supports advanced technologies such as 5G Sub-6, LTE, Massive MIMO and Open-RAN architectures. It provides high-speed data transfer rates and mobility, in order to meet the demands of the mobile network market. Fii is a member of the O-RAN alliance.

Rugged and Reliable

Build for the indoors, with an IP3X rating, it operates in extreme temperate from -5 to 45°C.

High Performance

High-performance indoor gNB supporting 5G Sub-6 and 2-layer Massive MIMO to provide high data throughput greater than 800 Mbps downlink.

Advanced Technology

Designed for the Open-Fronthaul architecture, Fii O-RU meets 3GPP standards and Open-Ran Alliance specifications to deliver key technologies for a mobile, reliable and high-performing network infrastructure.

Easy Device Management

Support eCPRI Fronthaul interface, Option 7.2, OTA and device management (Web UI).

Product Specifications
specifications Titlespecifications Description
Industry Standard 3GPP Release 15 Compliant
MIMO 2x2
Throughput Greater than 1Gbps
5G Frequency Band n77 and n78
Environmental IP3X Protection
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Industrial Private Cellular Network (IPCN) is vital in enabling Industry 4.0 by connecting people, machines, and data with cabled Ethernet and passive optical LAN. Leveraging the latest 5G/LTE technologies, IPCN provides a flexible, cost-effective, and reliable enterprise network solution to drive digital transformation across industries.