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Electric Vehicle (EV)

A growing reality

There will be 18 million EVs on America’s roads by 2030 (Edison Electric Institute).

Our EV charging solutions cater to your business and customer needs in various scenarios; highway, gas stations, retail, hospitality, residential, apartments, dealerships, and commercial fleets.

Our EV charging solutions energize the smart lifestyles of tomorrow, leveraging our in-house technical capabilities in 5G, Wi-Fi, IoT, Surveillance, and Cloud Computing.

Fiicharger stands ready to meet your needs. Early adoption will get your business ahead of the innovation curve and save you money in the long run.

Aesthetics and Durability

Tailored models available to meet specific needs.

Head-turning LED Displays

Large kiosk for hosting sponsored content.

Easy to Use

Phone app to find, reserve, pay and control lifestyle feature.

Comprehensive Customer Support

From maintenance to operations management​.

EV Chargers


With 180kW output power, the SC180 enables customers to quickly charge and resume their journey. Ideal for highway stops, rest areas, and EV charging stations. Spend less time charging, and more time enjoying the journey.


The Model SC360 offers 4 simultaneous DC charging up to 360kW, allowing your fleets back on task.​ Ideal for bus stations, fleets, and highway stops.


FC 30 charger is a powerful EV charger in a simple form, supporting fast installation. It is an ideal charging solution for shopping centers, commercial, and fleets.


The Model FC30W includes two DC chargers that can fast charge two vehicles simultaneously. The built-in Wi-Fi 6 hotspot creates instant connectivity for vehicles and drivers. Ideal for commercial and fleets.


In addition to everything that FC30WD has to offer, the FC-30W offers more interactive functions to engage and delight for an outstanding customer experience. It includes two head-turning LED displays for content hosting and additional interaction with customers. Ideal for high traffic locations such as shopping plazas, storefronts, and arenas.


Designed specifically for the North American market, the AC7 is the ideal charging solution for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging. The AC7 provides a more accessible, intelligent, and reliable EV charging experience.


Designed specifically for the North American market, the AC11 is the ideal charging solution for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging, delivering big power in a small form.

EV Charger Operation

Fiicharger Operation Management Platform enables you to manage every aspect of your EV charging operations. Our analytics-driven insights empower decision-makers and technical leads to make the most efficient business and operational decisions. 

Connect & Monitor

Connect every OCPP-compliant EV charger with live monitoring functionality.

Track Costs

Calculate energy costs based on local & tack profitablility.


Collect Revenue

Set end-user fees and accept any major credit card. Secure, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Configure Your Interface

Configure and analyze Your Interface to display live meter values and historical data.

Fiicharger APP

The Fiicharger mobile APP is built with EV drivers’ lifestyles in mind. It can find chargers, plan to charge stops in route, manage charging sessions, and receive promotional offers from nearby businesses. EV charging is effortless and enjoyable with the Fiicharger APP.

Find Available Stations

Locate chargers from Fiicharger and other providers.​

Initiate a Charging Session

Track your charging process anytime.

Plan for EV Travel

Search chargers near your route.

View Activity History

Review your charging history and billing detail.


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