Quantifying the Manufacturing Process for Preventive, Predictive, and Prescriptive insights with SMT Digital Twin

Technology and innovation have accelerated the adoption of Smart Manufacturing- leveraging automation, IoT modules and sensors, and connectivity to streamline and optimize the production process. It is an evolution that requires long-term strategic planning and resources to continuously refine and reiterate the processes, to satisfy the emerging business needs. As a leader in Smart Manufacturing, Fii vows to enable other manufacturers at all scales to replicate the success that we have seen through the adoption of Smart Manufacturing.

For one of Fii’s customers, lack of data visibility has been a long-time challenge for the organization to optimize the production process, creating an obstacle in the transition to Smart Manufacturing. The lack of data visibility has led to numerous production issues, including delinquent yield loss, process waste, and inefficient production queue housekeeping. Operationally, it requires a significant amount of time and resources to identify the bottleneck, discover the problem, perform root cause analysis and create a solution, resulting in a higher operational cost. This is where Fii’s SMT Digital Twin solution comes in.


Our goal is to provide a novel solution that acts as a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart to the manufacturing ecosystem. Large scale and fast-paced Smart Manufacturing production require simplified and transparent insight into big data, enabling meaningful real-time decisions. Fii created the Smart Manufacturing solution- SMT Digital Twin, quantifying the production process with numbers for informed predictive, preventative, and prescriptive insights.

The SMT Digital Twin provides an intuitive user experience, massive data orchestration, and gamification to drive and engage team members to meet defined goals.

Incorporating Fii Cloud Computing in this end-to-end solution, the SMT Digital Twin enabled our customers to digest terabytes of data collected from over 100 machines into a user-friendly experience in which the entire team can participate.

By deploying IoT sensors to monitor electrical consumption, air quality, and critical infrastructure, the solution allowed the customer to be more conscious of the ecological impact and make meaningful changes to reduce their carbon footprint.

In our SMT Digital Twin solution, we implemented these technologies:

  • IIoT – Fii Internet of Things devices, Sirius Basic, Sirius Plus, CBRS Small cell, and Sirius Fly DTU
  • Big Data – Distributed Kubernetes Orchestration
  • Cloud Computing – Foxconn Powered Cloud, Fixo

After deploying the solution, the customer witnessed significant optimization in operational expenses and production. They saw a revenue increase of 18.07% in monthly throughput, a decrease of 48.1% in machine and equipment expenses, and eliminated 5,442 kWh of electrical waste per month, equivalent to 1.398 tons of CO2, leading to more sustainable energy practice.

SMT Digital Twin offers a digitalized and virtual model to help manufacturers understand the production process with numbers to make informed decisions supported by actual data and gain competitive advantages in their respective industries.