About Us

Creating technology solutions in 5G, IoT, and Industrial AI to aid businesses in transforming to the Industry 4.0 environment.

Our Philosophy

Fii will leverage  30 years’ experience in contract manufacturing to develop technology solutions that will guide businesses on their Industry 4.0 journey. We are building industrial IoT ecosystems grounded solutions that utilize 5G communication technology, smart edge devices, Industrial AI, and high-performance computing. Our solutions are easily implemented, modified, and scaled to enable participation in the modern connected landscape.

Value As A Service

Careers in next-generation
smart technology

By capitalizing on its expertise in Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, IoT, Big Data, AI, Smart Networks, and Robotics/Automation, Foxconn has expanded not only its capabilities into the development of electric vehicles, digital health, and robotics but also three key technologies –AI, semiconductors, and new-generation communications technology.

These technologies are key to driving a long-term growth strategy and the four core product pillars: Consumer Products, Enterprise Products, Computing Products, and Components.

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Quantifying the Manufacturing Process for Preventive, Predictive, and Prescriptive insights with SMT Digital Twin

A virtual representation of the manufacturing ecosystem to simplify production while translating data to insights and informed decisions.

CBRS Private Network Powers Industrial 4.0 Transformation in Rural Areas

This lack of a stable and quality network is an apparent challenge for operations in remote and rural areas, and CBRS private network is the ideal solution to bridge the digital gap.

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