The Path to Industry 4.0
Starts with Data

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Data to information

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Faster insights to action

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About Us

Fii is bringing a fresh prospective to Smart Platforms. Our Smart Factory, Smart City, Smart Stadium, and Smart Healthcare platforms utilize 5G networks, AI, and high-performance computing to bring customers complete solutions that tackle today’s toughest issues.

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Our Solutions Enabled

Intelligent. Connected. Accelerated.

Industry 4.0

Providing cellular and wireless solutions to allow North American manufacturers of all sizes to realize Industry 4.0

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High Performance Computing

Providing powerful and scalable computing resources for decentralized and parallel computing

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Benefits our Customers are experiencing

Reduced Quality Defects
Process Optimization
Reduced Errors
Improved Workflow
Workforce Automation
Improved Traceability
Improved Business Decisions
Predictive Machine Maintenance