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Who We Are

Fii is bringing a fresh prospective to Smart Platforms. Our Smart Factory, Smart City, Smart Stadium, and Smart Healthcare platforms utilize 5G networks, AI, and high-performance computing to bring customers complete solutions that tackle today’s toughests issue.


Fii offers an extensive network product portfolio, including infrastructure and user equipment supporting 4G LTE, 5G and CBRS.


Fii provides IoT applications and solutions to drive Industry 4.0 transformations through automation and connectivity.


Fii surveillance product portfolio includes high-resolution wired, wireless IP cameras and NVRs supporting residential, commercial, or industrial needs.


Fii provides cost-effective high-performance computing and cloud solutions that enable technology flexibility to scale up with business growth and needs.

Products and Services

The leading provider of smart manufacturing and smart city devices and solutions, advancing the development of a more efficient, sustainable, reliable, and secure industrial and residential landscape.



Proven leader in Industry 4.0, and our smart solutions aim to enable organizations to accelerate the transformation to a more connective and intelligent future.


CBRS is a band of radio-frequency spectrum from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz that the US Federal Communications Commission has designated for sharing among three tiers of users: incumbent users, priority licensees (PAL), and generally authorized (GAA).

EV Charging

EV  Charging is a growing reality. Whether you are considering EV charging infrastructure for apartments, retail stores or businesses, Fii stands ready to meet your needs.


Expedite your AI development by creating convenient solutions for AI Annotation with AI Assisted Labeling, Retraining and Deployment.


Industrial Private Cellular Network (IPCN) is vital in enabling Industry 4.0 by connecting people, machines, and data with cabled Ethernet and passive optical LAN. Leveraging the latest 5G/LTE technologies, IPCN provides a flexible, cost-effective, and reliable enterprise network solution to drive digital transformation across industries.

Manufactory Surveillance

Make the workplace and facility safety – Surveillance cameras can be installed near dangerous machinery to monitor automated processes safely or have intrusion detection to monitor the access permission to protect employees from harm and keep the aisle safe. Protect critical assets – surveillance system will help to identify the thief.

Medical Ai

Effortlessly design and enable a quick and intuitive healthcare systems through AI. Medical AI utilizes artificial intelligence to help doctors accurate decisions from the ER to telemedicine.


Cloud-Based Genetic Data Analysis Platform. Our NGS Cloud utilizes AI to deliver efficient and accurate results for varying workload sizes.

Office Surveillance

Protecting employees and ensuring asset safety – Surveillance system to monitor any suspicious activities and reduce blind spots increase safety.

SMT Digital Twin

Our goal is to provide a novel solution which acts as a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart to our manufacturing ecosystem

Wifi Hotspot

Our tri-band outdoor WiFi routers support WiFi 6 and Google Orion WiFi. It supports 2X2 MIMO and has a throughput of 1.2 Gbps.

Quantifying the Manufacturing Process for Preventive, Predictive, and Prescriptive insights with SMT Digital Twin

A virtual representation of the manufacturing ecosystem to simplify production while translating data to insights and informed decisions.

CBRS Private Network Powers Industrial 4.0 Transformation in Rural Areas

This lack of a stable and quality network is an apparent challenge for operations in remote and rural areas, and CBRS private network is the ideal solution to bridge the digital gap.

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